The 9th June saw the release of ‘Expensive Things’, the debut single from Sunderland rockers, Chloe & the Brainwaves. This track is a statement of intent, combining catchy hooks with powerful lyrics to produce a track that will not be forgotten.

‘Expensive Things’ is a rallying call. Inspired by the strategies employed by large corporations that “compel us to consume more and crave material stuff”, Chloe & the Brainwaves implore people to break free of the conditioning that compels people to mindlessly indulge in materialism. A message as important as this one is worth remembering, and performances from each band member make this possible.

Chloe & the Brainwaves all have the opportunity to display their individual talents on ‘Expensive Things’. Chloe’s sweet voice glides above strong guitar work and a punchy bass line that is perfectly in sync with the driving rhythms provided by the drums. As well as displaying their skills as instrumentalists, the band also prove themselves to be adept songwriters. A demonstration of this is clear to see in the song’s bridge, with its gentleness providing a great contrast with the energetic and rousing chorus.

‘Expensive Things’ is available to stream now on all platforms, and will surely be a highlight of Chloe & the Brainwaves’ live performances.

Live Dates – 2023:

1st July – Munro Festival, Stockton-on-Tees

2nd September – Last Train Home Festival, Darlington