The 1st of September sees the release of the ‘Can’t Back Down’ from charismatic singer/songwriter, Finn Forster. Hailing from Middlesbrough, Forster has amassed a strong collection of songs since releasing his debut single in 2019, and this latest effort is yet another worthy addition to his arsenal.

Instrumentally led by acoustic guitars, Forster’s impassioned voice is the track’s centrepiece, shining brightly when singing his stunning melodies. A song like ‘Can’t Back Down’ needs to be sung with a level of soul in order to reach its full potential. Thankfully, Forster possesses a voice with soulfulness in abundance, serving as the perfect instrument with which to convey his emotionally compelling lyrics. As with many of his other songs, listeners will be able to form a connection with it, relating to the struggles in life that many experience. It is exceedingly clear that Forster fulfils both aspects of the singer/songwriter excellently.

Speaking on ‘Can’t Back Down’, Forster makes reference to his musical influences and the meaning behind the track, stating: “I’m a singer/songwriter at my core, but I’ve always been influenced by Country music, especially artists like Chris Stapleton. Can’t Back Down is a song about ‘perseverance through pain’ which I think we all go through at times”

‘Can’t Back Down’ is available to stream on all platforms, and fans may not have to wait long for even more music, with this serving as just one track of an EP that is to be released in the near future. As well as this, fans will also be able to sing along to Forster’s soaring choruses in a live setting immediately, with Forster touring around England during September, including a hometown show in Middlesbrough. 

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