• Taylor Clark

WILD SPELKS – Nine By Sixteen

Wild Spelks’ brand of pop punk cements itself into memory on ‘Nine by Sixteen’.

From the chiming opening guitar tones to the rousing chorus, Wild Spelks’ ‘Nine by Sixteen’ is full of memorable moments that draw you in. The song is impressively performed and mixed entirely by Jonathon Sabiston (the sole recording member of Wild Spelks), with its polished production style creating an appealing listen.

Lyrically, the track details an intriguing perspective on a disintegrating relationship, and the role that social media plays in it. Speaking on the lyrics and the way in which they correlate with the overall sound of the track, Wild Spelks stated: “The aspect ratio of nine by sixteen, being the focus, the clean and serene filters that diffuse all of our social media representations of ourselves. It’s about seeing flaws in yourself and your own relationships, whilst using the portrayal of others in the nine by sixteen screen. This idea, has translated into the production of the song, in which I have gone for my most polished and major sound yet, to reflect the subject matter, whilst maintaining a dark, alluring, lyrical theme throughout.”

The lyrics are done justice with a passionate vocal performance matched with a driving rhythm, creating a momentum that lasts from beginning of the song to the end.

‘Nine by Sixteen’ contains all the ingredients of a catchy pop-punk song, warranting repeated listens.