• Taylor Clark


TEOSE’s ‘Oh’ Is an Honest and Endearing Analysis of the Self

The 2nd of July saw the release of ‘Oh’, the latest single by indie-pop trio TEOSE. With catchy instrumentals and candid lyrics, the Glaswegian band have crafted a relatable ode to self-examination.

Poppy, uncomplicated and melodically upbeat, ‘Oh’ features sweet vocals atop indie style guitars courtesy of frontwoman Melissa Brisbane, and is pushed forward by the work of drummer Jordan Thompson and bassist Sean Mason. This is partnered with personal lyrics that switch between being self-critical and self-affirming of the ways in which Brisbane handles her relationship with her partner. This combination adds an interesting and thoughtful element to the song. Going into more detail on the track’s subject matter, Brisbane explains: “The track flips between me being fairly reasonable and understanding with myself, to then being really annoyed at the irrational way I’m acting. Parts of it feel like the adult version of me is trying to say something important while the child version is sticking her fingers in her ears and singing ‘La la la’ over it.”

Accompanying the release, as a B-side, is the stripped back and minimalist demo version of ‘Oh’. Consisting of only acoustic guitar and vocals, this intimate rendition makes for a contrasting listening experience to the A-side version and clearly highlights the steps taken to reach the finished version.

With clear and sincere lyrics sung over a comforting guitar hook, solid work from the rhythm section and a memorable chorus, ‘Oh’ makes for a charming listen.