• Ollie Young


Northern Rock Outfit Ten Eighty Trees Return with Striking Single 'The Kick'

An introspective viewpoint- Finding comfort in treating negativity as a blessing.

A sound derived from the feelings of confusion and conflict- Ten Eighty Trees present listeners with an effective approach to arduous situations through their latest single, ‘The Kick’.

Since emerging onto the scene, around 3 years ago, the band have released a string of singles tackling issues that many individuals unknowingly share amongst one another through an unprecedented energy.

Running just over three minutes, the rockers coincide in a pure jam out session, which in itself speaks a thousand words.

The palpitating percussion, indelible riffs and assertive vocals are just the icing on this record…

Masking a much deeper meaning, ‘The Kick’ explores taking on a versatile outlook as a way to rediscover sources of happiness through its lyrics; in this instance, resuming life after breaking away from a toxic relationship and seeing the situation in a beneficial manner.

Verse sections depict the despondency surrounding the matter in question, with lines such as; ‘’these things fall apart, more often than not, chances are I’ll be better off... ’’, bringing listeners to the shore of the harsh reality of these situations they’ve likely experienced at some point or another.

With the optimistic chorus seeing the band shed a different light on the situation; ‘’This is the kick that I needed, to get me back to the feeling…’’; there’s a prominent shift in dynamics of the meaning behind this track in an instant- a sense of revival.

Not to mention the clenching breakdown, which seems to be somewhat of a grounding tool from Ten Eighty Trees, perhaps due to the sinuous juxtaposition presented throughout the track, as listeners are greeted once more with a bout of sanguinity both vocally and instrumentally.

With that said, it’s clear that the ethos is that of an enlightening one, regardless of the situation portrayed; in which the band have shown ability to adapt one concept into a universal interpretation.

For fans and new listeners, this track stands strong in displaying the competence of Ten Eighty Trees as they further excel amongst the scene with their self-assured messages and sound; with the band stating: ‘’The Kick captures all energy, emotion and attitude that comes with reinventing yourself. This is Ten Eighty Trees at our most refined.’’


NOV 13 - The Cumberland Arms, Newcastle