TEN EIGHTY TREES - Fear of Falling

Ten Eighty Trees continue their ascend with hefty new single 'Fear of Falling'

Having already received support directly from the likes of Tom Robinson (BBC Radio 6), as well as Hype Machine tastemakers Yack Magazine, Little Indie Blogs, Popped Music, and The Girls at The Rock Show Newcastle-based rock band, Ten Eighty Trees, maintain their momentum with the release of new single ‘Fear of Falling’.

Nathan, singer & guitarist of Ten Eighty Trees, discusses the formation of the song: “Fear of Falling to put it simply is about my experiences with PTSD. I had a pretty horrific accident about 4 years ago and really struggled with sleep deprivation in the aftermath. I would feel like I was on red alert, unable to switch off and agitated by even the slightest sound when I was trying to relax. It was such a tough repercussion and put a lot of stress on my life and relationships. Writing Fear of Falling was essentially my own personal therapy as I worked through understanding what was happening to me.”