• Taylor Clark

PORIJ – Can't Stop

Porij’s unique sound on ‘Can’t Stop’ is sure to make you dance

‘Can’t Stop’ is the latest single from alternative pop group Porij, ahead of the release of their brand-new EP, ‘Baby Face’. With garage style beats that are complimented by keyboards and choppy vocals, the track is instantly infectious. Its distinctive groove makes movement, no matter how subtle, difficult to resist.

Speaking on how the track came into existence, Tom (Porij’s drummer) explained: "I wrote "Can't Stop" one night almost 2 years ago as a way of stopping myself from overthinking. I'd fallen in that hole of playing the same tiny moments over and over again in my head and I needed to get them all out and put them to bed. Can't Stop is a super intense, pretty relentless dance tune, about uncertainty, changing your mind and being completely consumed by your thoughts - but all while having a pretty sick time. After I wrote the song, it was just a super rushed, messy garage beat with loads of dodgy synth patches and autotune singing, but I brought it into the band and we figured out how to make it work, as we always do! One of the maddest to play live I think. We all have pretty manic parts to play, but that just adds to the manic energy."

With verses that are as memorable as the chorus, ‘Can’t Stop’ possesses a hypnotic quality that is sure to keep pulling listeners back in. ‘Baby Face’ EP is available to stream on the 22nd of September.