• Ollie Young

PIZZAGIRL – Softcore Mourn

Latest album via Hit or Heist leaves listeners questioning Pizzagirl’s next move.

Pizzagirl (AKA. Liam Brown)

Photo credit: Ellen Offredy

A journey of further exploration and reflection. Following debut LP and numerous singles in between; alt-pop icon Pizzagirl brews honesty with a sensational dose of synthesis and organic instrumentation. For fans interested in - LCD Soundsystem, Hot Chip & The Postal Service.

Feeling the impact of time spent in isolation - days, weeks, months;

Brown took to the self-production of his latest project, following 2020 single ‘Cape Canaveral’.

“In the past I’d written this happy-sounding upbeat music, and then smuggled in depressing lyrics… now I’m going in for depressing music AND lyrics”, Brown stated on the project.

A highly suggestive title towards that of a deepening sadness - could the message of this release be the tip of the iceberg? Is there more than meets the eye to this being the start of something for Pizzagirl? Reinforcing that this is not a one off nor a turning point, he refers to the release as a “continuation of an ongoing musical puberty”.

Pizzagirl appears to be in a truer element in this release; a sapient soul discussing heartfelt matters in a mournful yet aesthetically pleasing sound - “I like to be 20 years behind the curve…” Brown added.

Unlike ‘First Timer’, the focal energy of ‘Softcore Mourne’ is reminiscent of early 2000s indie; an uncontrived composition of seemingly relatable emotions expressed through turbulent organic and electronic fundamentals. Ostentatious intentions with each component constructs a collective differing from the rest in which Brown meets Pizzagirl.

Ascending through the album, ear-worms such as - ‘Car Freshener Aftershave’, ‘My Favourite Restaurant’ and ‘Sugar Ray’; consist of disconsolate lyrics, enthralling hooks matched with impulsive electronic and organic elements.

Keeping in mind that this album serves as a journey to both the artist and its listeners, Brown’s honesty and open-mindedness from start to finish leads to a combustion of disorganised tracks; aberrantly reflecting on what Brown claimed to be a ‘’mad hiatus of life’’. Potentially the most effective attempt of this seen this year by a British artist.

When compared to other releases, this has a parallax impact on listeners as Pizzagirl shows no reluctance in proffering their idiosyncratic production strategies.

Appraised and applauded from those who encounter this divine soul; resulting from an auspicious attitude and sheer dedication to their art - performing live Pizzagirl is sure to sentimentally shudder their audience into the same state of chaotic reflection as Brown conveyed throughout the production.


7th August- Rivfest, Warrington

13th October- The Shipping Forecast, Liverpool

14th October- Lexington, London

15th October- YES Basement, Manchester