• Ollie Young

PIZZAGIRL – Interview

Just a few hours short of the opening show to Pizzagirl’s ‘softcore tour’, we managed to get a few words from Liam Brown focusing on the tour and latest album release, ‘softcore mourne’.

Released on July 16th, the eleven-track project ‘softcore mourne’ has grown popular amongst fans and new listeners with streaming numbers on the rise and live shows now underway.

Returning to live performances after the industry being held at a standstill for so long is certainly a unique situation to say the least; we asked Pizzagirl to shine a light on the pre-show senses and how the changes have affected the upcoming tour.

Speaking impassionately about his outlook on performing and the commitments entailed within that, Brown claimed to be ‘’excited’’ yet ‘’apprehensive’’ in regards to the tour itself, stating ‘’at such short notice the turnout could be a few; but it’s entertainment…’’

A time of ‘’stress and many sleepless nights’’- these are just some of the challenges faced as a performer; along with the impact COVID has had on the music industry, Brown described the pre-show feeling as ‘‘natural but weird’’ and added that ‘‘a lot of it is trusting yourself and preparation’’.

Digging deeper into the album itself, we asked Pizzagirl what was at the heart of this production... Eagerly emphasising that this is ‘’not a lockdown album’’, Brown claims he ‘’sent it to a good friend to get their opinion on it and took it from there’’ with pre-planning being the key to this release. Spending time listening to ‘a lot of sad music’, Brown is confident that the sound of ‘softcore mourne’ is exactly how he envisioned, describing it as ‘’absolutely morbid’’; further adding that fans can expect things to get ‘’a lot more sadder.’’

Ahead of the shows, we asked Pizzagirl if there was a message to the fans, to which they amusingly replied; ‘’Don’t expect happiness. If happiness is what you’re expecting, cancel your tickets.’’ From the responses given throughout this interview; a clear resemblance of the current sound and attitude is present and fits Pizzagirl’s persona perfectly- successfully encompassing the authenticity of the application of musical and production capabilities, in line with the message behind the project itself.