NEGUL NESHAI - Live In Newcastle

NEGUL NESHAI announce hometown headliner in support of debut album ‘Inside Divine Circles’ release.

Negul Neshai - Live

NEGUL NESHAI (pronounced Neh-Gool Neh-Shy) are a five-piece alternative band from Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. Composed of musicians from various bands across the North East, they elevate their music through artwork, visuals and storytelling to create insightful narratives for audiences to immerse themselves in.

Their self-produced debut album ‘Inside Divine Circles’ is a six chapter, thirteen track story that delves into the inner conflict of human emotion that drives our attitudes towards climate change. The band also released six written chapters and a 30-minute short film accompanying the tracks with the narrative driven through sound and visuals.

Sonically, the band collides genres and breaks boundaries mixing electronic and orchestral elements with a heavy rock sound. Taking inspiration from the likes of Enter Shikari, Linkin Park and Bring Me The Horizon, the quintet consistently evolve ideas into grandiose tracks fitting within their unique sound.

📍BOBIKS, Newcastle

📅 SAT MARCH 26, 2022