MXYM - Live In Newcastle

Emo Glamour Newcomer MXYM announces debut headliner.

MXYM (pronounced M-X-Y-M) is a 24 year old singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, self-producing all their own work in a Frankenstein blend of Rock, Shock and Emo Glamour. Hailing from the North East of England MXYM decided to leave this plane of reality and exist as a vacant concept making music, regardless of who hears it. MXYM's loud and eccentric performance style and sensibility landed them a full page spread feature in the April 2020 issue of NARC. Magazine along with a number of appearances on the BBC Radio Newcastle Evening Show with Tamsin Robson.

A highly visual artist, MXYM creates entire worlds for each of their projects for listeners to fall into and immerse themselves in the imagery, colours and characters of each release. Inspired by the likes of Judas Priest, Motley Crue, Madonna and Bjork, MXYM's musical landscape is varied diverse and always extensively Queer.


📍 BOBIKS, Newcastle

📅 Friday April 1st, 2022