MOTEL CARNATION - Sweet Separation

With aims in the continuation of expanding their presence throughout the UK, the indie-electro outfit kickstart the year with a psychedelia record to rock listeners set for release in early February.

Band members (left to right) - Austin, Alexander & Conor

Photography by James Grant

Following their 2021 single, ‘Deja Vu’, Motel Carnation appear to carry on the underlying message of reflectivity in a differing form.

Somewhat united in topic, the affluent vocals differ from the previous release- depicting the feelings of desolation and alienation surrounding separation. Splashy riffs, seamless percussion, along with a deep and steady bassline all work hand in hand to jounce listeners throughout the progression of the track- the melodiousness elements from each member ensure ‘Sweet Separation’ is not one to miss.

Set for release just before Valentines Day, the single has the potential to be a heartbreak ballad with a diverse range of viewpoints amongst each individual listener.

The title in itself suggests a variety of topics that could be relevant to what’s behind the track: ‘Sweet’ relating to something pleasurable, whether that be a situation or in regard to the senses; with ‘Separation’ being something that can be interpreted differently by each and every person who comes across it.

That being said listeners are led to draw their own conclusion of the meaning behind the song; with band member, Austin stating- ‘’I'll leave the specifics down to the listener’s interpretation but the same themes started to arise; relief, regret, relapse.’’

Structured with common concepts resembling the cycle of these themes, Motel Carnation incandescently captures the natural feelings relating to the subject of separation: relief that it’s over, regretting that it ever happened in the first place, and relapsing back to that of a worsened state.

Without saying too much, the release will likely pave a successful pathway for the band along with live shows throughout 2022; with an intriguing invitation to both fans and new listeners in demystifying the vibe and lyrics laterally.


Live Shows - 2022

4th Feb - Motel Carnation w/ Kate Bond & Frankie Jobling - Tynebank Brewery, Newcastle

25th March - Motel Carnation w/ Polar States - Ku Bar, Stockton

7th May - Munro Festival - Georgian Theatre, Stockton

28th May - A Stone’s Throw Festival 2022, Tynemouth & North Shields

18th June - Heelapalooza Festival - Play Brew, Middlesbrough