• Ollie Young

MOTEL CARNATION - Deja Vu (Caught Up)

Motel Carnation return with Crepuscular Energy: Deja Vu (Caught Up)

Band members (left to right)-Austin, Alexander & Conor

Photo: Sophie Robson

Branded a ‘North-East Supergroup’, the band have established themselves amongst the local scene as resolute providers of a night to remember; selling out shows and a continual growing attraction amongst listeners. For fans of - Arctic Monkeys, Tame Impala & Unknown Mortal Orchestra.

Continuing with the temperamental psychedelic indie-electro/rock edge expressed in previous records - Deja Vu depicts ‘the duration of a night out, from the pre-drink swagger to the 5am heart to heart and all fluctuations in between’ explained band member Austin.

Beginning with the bounce of the bass, accompanied by the crisp splashes of percussive efforts; instantly captivating its listeners into moving rhythmically alongside the beat.

With no surprise, the vocals are as rich and rebellious as ever; reflecting the message behind the lyrics which portrays yet another emotively relatable situation - ‘that one person a lot of us have had in our lives. They bring out the worst in you… but they’re also a lot of fun’

Austin further went on to add.

The band welcomes listeners to share their experiences with them by discussing relevant, and common themes that can be understood by a variety of people; along with providing a soundtrack to associate moments as such with.

Followed by an elegant concoction of progressive harmonious and melodic elements easily distinguishable when compared to previous releases.

The band is both sonically cohesive and conscious of their release material, so if considering seeing them perform live, listeners can expect a set that will provide a showcase of their artistic potentials combined.