• Ollie Young

MIDLIGHT – Daily Routine

Midlight returns with yet another absorbing single for listeners to dive in on; so to speak, the brilliance of British Rock is not yet dead.

This release stands strong for the Brighton-born band in line with a collection of prior releases over the past year. Providing unique vivacity to a classic alternative approach, this band stray from many of the alternative-rock bands we see today.

Breaking away from the comfort of their own studio, the band worked alongside ‘Another Sky’ producer, Jack Gilbert in continuing their beguiling 90s/00s alt-vibe. Epigrammatic fundamentals- a weighty low end and shimmers of meticulous overtones- rooted to its strikingly euphonious relatable lyricism, ‘too busy worrying about ten years down the line’; listeners are accompanied in the everyday worries of life with a moody rhythmic record.

A truly transcendental addition to the band’s setlist; ‘Daily Routine’ should have no trouble in enticing listeners to explore their previous releases carrying the custom idiomatic sounds of alternative British rock through and through.