LEE J TOBY - Live In Tynemouth

Coastal born & bred singer-songwriter Lee J Toby heads to Tynemouth as part of the Karma Coast Sessions

Lee J Toby - Live in Tynemouth

Singer-Songwriter Lee J Toby born and raised in North Shields in the northeast of England. Lee focuses heavily on his Lyrics which are heavily influenced by his coastal environment building a foundation to his songs. The early storytelling of Kelly Jones (Stereophonics) played a massive part in lees writing from the very start and that The desire to paint a picture with the lyrics is in the bones of Lees writing.

Lee is Heavily influenced by Ben Howard’s guitar style and its very apparent. Guitarist from the young age of 12, Lee’s intricate style of play occasionally brings a level of juxtaposition to his songs pairing with the melody of his intimate lyrics whilst contrasting their sentiment in its tone.

Lee’s first single “sometimes” is a perfect example of this juxtaposition where his negative self-reflection is paired with a positive tone throughout the song.

Former Barman Lee’s first EP is a live one recorded in the bar he used to work in which he still holds very close to his heart. This stripped back collection of songs Feature Electric and acoustic guitar paired with Lees delicate and close vocals bring a very relaxed tone.

📍 KARMA COAST, Tynemouth

📅 SAT, APRIL 2 2022