• Taylor Clark

JOE RAMSEY – Another Day

Joe Ramsey’s memorable hooks will inspire you to sing along to the relatable ‘Another Day’.

‘Another Day’ is the first glimpse into Joe Ramsey’s upcoming debut EP, ‘Making Notes’. The Middlesbrough born singer-songwriter displays a talent for crafting vocal melodies that compliment his great voice and meaningful lyrics. Ramsey’s impassioned vocals are supported by bright sounding piano, acoustic guitar, and a solid rhythm section, which all comes together to produce a warm sound. The gorgeous chorus featured on this song plants itself into the brain and refuses to leave.

Lyrically, ‘Another Day’ questions experiencing positive emotions during negative times. Elaborating further on the meaning behind the song, Ramsey explains: “'Another Day' is about enjoying the simple things in life that I once took for granted. Through lockdown, I was given a creative freedom which I had never had before, allowing me to truly express my emotions and feelings at that time. I was going to bed one night and had the line 'Should I be as happy as I am right now?' stuck in my head, and that is the core and centre of the track's meaning. It is a very special song to me, and the one that means the most.”

‘Another Day’ is a demonstration of Joe Ramsey’s ability to create impactful indie-pop, and serves as an indicator that there is much to look forward to on his debut EP.

‘Making Notes’ is due to be released in the Spring of 2022.