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Gabby Martin kick starts her career with artistic debut 'Me & You'

After delving into the world of fine art at university, Cambridge born Gabby Martin utilised her creativity to cultivate an original and vivid personal image. Her music serves as a hybrid of her artistic skill and intriguing songwriting, producing an organic and original style of pop music.  

Martin considers herself “influenced not by a specific genre, but by the way a song can make you feel and the journey an album can take you on,” as well as being inspired by albums such as Radiohead’s “In Rainbows and “Fine Line” by Harry Styles. This influence can be observed in her own music, the soft and slightly melancholic vocals in her latest song delightfully juxtaposing the upbeat piano and drum layers, almost giving the feel of an artistic jigsaw puzzle. This makes it clear that Gabby’s experience in fine art is woven into her music as well as her image. Such a unique and different spin on pop music creates her own self-made niche in the market. Experience her music firsthand by streaming her single “Me & You”, a summery pop anthem available to stream on all platforms.