• Taylor Clark

EADES - ‘Delusion Spree’ (Album)

EADES release their triumphant debut album ‘Delusion Spree’.

The 4th of March heralded the release of ‘Delusion Spree’, the debut album from Leeds band, EADES. The release of several supporting singles beginning in 2021 offered a taste of what was to come on this record, and the band didn’t disappoint. ‘Delusion Spree’ is an album loaded with infectious choruses, punchy riffs, and impactful lyrics.

There is a strong sense of camaraderie that permeates the record, such as when frontman Harry Jordan and lead guitarist Tom O’Reilly rowdily sing in unison on the opening track ‘Reno’. Comments about the recording of the record reinforce this feeling, with synth player and percussionist Lilly Fontaine sharing: “Being stuck in a secluded place made recording the album a special experience. All sorts of in-jokes and memories flood in when I listen back. I hope that that joy comes across”. This adds a degree of charm and personality to the record that helps to make it such an enjoyable listen.

Lyrically, we wanted to talk about issues we’ve been going through without sounding like preachy dickheads” stated O’Reilly, so it stands to reason that ‘Delusion Spree’ would be the obvious choice to be the title track. Lyrics about bad habits and coping mechanisms are combined with uptempo indie rock riffs, an energetic bassline, tight drumming and a lively hook to produce what is sure to be a live favourite.

EADES are just as confident when they slow down the tempo on tracks such as ‘Voodoo Doll’ as they are on their less subdued songs. Giving an anecdote on the creation of the song, Jordan said: “We recorded ‘Voodoo Doll’ sat cross legged on the floor on 2am. After what had been a long day and a heavy night, we decided to let loose and jam. I was convinced laser beams were coming out my amp… turned out it was Lily playing the synth through an amp next to mine”.

The group know how to keep things interesting, whether it be through frequently shifting the pace of the album, or the exchange of vocal duties. ‘I’m Holding Back Your Hair’ sees Fontaine take over on lead vocals, exhibiting her smooth voice as another weapon in the band’s well stocked arsenal.

EADES manage to pack a lot into their debut album’s 39-minute runtime and is an exciting listen from start to finish. This collection of songs is certain to translate well to a live setting when the band embark upon the ‘Delusion Spree’ tour in April.

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