• Taylor Clark

EADES - Delusion Spree

EADES give cause for excitement with their latest single, ‘Delusion Spree’.

Eades - Delusion Spree

With their debut album on the horizon, Leeds based EADES have released the title track, ‘Delusion Spree’. Acting as the project’s third single, the track builds on the promise shown by the two singles that have preceded it. The personality in Harry Jordan’s vocals is matched by the instrumental performances by the rest of the band. Entertaining indie-pop riffs, a rich bass tone, swift drumbeats and a brief guitar solo provide a perfect backdrop to the track’s honest lyrics about bad habits and coping mechanisms.

When explaining the feelings that inspired the creation of the song, EADES said: Thematically it summed up the disillusionment and confusion we all felt in our early twenties, trying to build a life for ourselves whilst the world around us seemed to be falling apart. Two years on I think we all feel quite differently towards the world and we’ve learnt to be a lot more positive as our hard work over the last couple years has started to pay off. Although at the time I think it’s safe to say we were all feeling pretty lost.”

The earnest lyrical content featured on ‘Delusion Spree’ makes for a compelling listen when combined with the song’s punkish energy. EADES claim that it “was a very special song for the band when writing the album”, helping to define the sound and lyrics that would form the rest of the project. Bearing this in mind, it stands to reason that there is much more to look forward to in the songs that are yet to come.

EADES’ debut album ‘Delusion Spree’ will be available to stream on the 4th of March, and fans will have the opportunity to hear the band perform songs from it live in person on their upcoming tour dates.