DELPHII – Live Session

Delphii - Tell Everyone (Live From Karma Coast, Tynemouth)

Named after the city that housed the ancient Greek oracle – one of the most powerful women of the classical world – DELPHii is less a character to hide behind and more a vehicle for singer-songwriter Angelene Holmes to explore her vision through, unfettered. “I can leave behind the stuff that’s gone before,” Angelene explains. “DELPHii doesn’t have any of that. She just has the glory and takes me along with her. She continues, “I’ve always seen her as an oracle that just pushed her way through to me on her own, because I don’t know where my need to make music came from. My family aren’t really artistic people. They love music, but in a more ordinary way. Whereas I always had a crazy, outer-body experience listening to certain music, which was just something I didn’t get from anything else. I developed this obsession with it – and this need to do it – that I haven’t ever ever been able to shake off.” Newcastle-based artist Angelene Holmes is a refreshingly rare figure and her work, the atmospheric ‘Lilac’ is less an EP and more a compact musical universe, skillfully fusing elements of neo-soul, dream-pop, jazz, electronic music and psychedelic rock, while delving deep into ideas of identity, interpersonal issues and the complexities of society as a whole. Holmes is rightly proud not just of her work but of the perseverance she’s shown to get to this point, though she credits the discovery of her alter-ego DELPHii as the key to unlocking her imagination.