• Taylor Clark

BENJAMIN FITZGERALD - Need To Feel Loved (Rework)

Bringing together the genres of contemporary classical music and trance, Benjamin Fitzgerald has created something truly beautiful.

Adopting a minimalist approach to his rework of the iconic ‘Need to Feel Loved’, the track is allowed plenty of breathing room. Fitzgerald’s sparse piano playing creeps in during an ambient beginning, before being joined by the gentle plucked harp melody. The instrumental continues to grow with the addition of strings and a subtle rhythm. Moving into the final leg of the track, Fitzgerald’s piano playing grows in intensity creating a fitting climax to a unique composition.

Speaking of his latest creation, Fitzgerald said: “Need to Feel Loved’ is an incredibly special composition to me because it is my own interpretation of one of the most consequential trance tunes of all time. Trance and dance music in general has played a humongous role in my love and philosophy towards music and with this release, I’ve tried to emanate that by bringing the dance and classical worlds together. I have composed this piece to maintain the reminiscent feelings and emotions felt when experiencing dance music in a sweaty club with a load of strangers, but also pinpointing the passionate and poignant power behind the music that we all find so healing.”

Fitzgerald’s reworking of ‘Need to Feel Loved’ stands independent of the original song, a brilliant effort that showcases his compositional talent.