• Ollie Young

BENJAMIN FITZGERALD - Live In Tynemouth (Preview)

Ahead of Ben’s especial Karma Coast show at Tynemouth; the Northern neo-classical instrumentalist delivered an astounding performance at Gosforth Civic Theatre in his first full ensemble since January 2020.

Gosforth Civic Theatre provided a welcoming venue along with appropriate lighting to match the compositional energy of each performance.

Following the clenching performances of Steve Luck & Phillip Alexander as a part of The Great Northern Piano Session VI; Ben took straight to the stage becoming visibly consumed the second his masterful compositions began to unfold.

Photo: Sam Wall 📸 @sams.photo.wall

Refraining from percussion and lyricism, the amalgamation of a small variety of organic instruments in collaborative effort matched by a truly proficient pianist made sure each performer's contribution to the compositions were made prominent throughout the entirety of the performance. Velvety atmospherics and harmonious components provided by the ensemble created passageways for Fitzgerald to weave in and out of with his captivating classical capabilities; working hand in hand in delivering auspiciously syncopated pieces.

With a potent playing style as such- the deep root notes, fluent progression through scales and an immersive application of the creative characterisation of instruments; there really is no need for any lyricism to be present here.

Photo: Sam Wall 📸 @sams.photo.wall Ben turned to the audience referring to the evening as ‘’emotional’’, regarding both performing with the ensemble, and being back in front of an audience. Despite being his first full ensemble in over a year, the crowd who remained intensely engaged throughout, boundlessly applauded for the closing of this luminous event; with members of the audience standing up and cheering, the atmosphere of the venue was explanatory of the impact the performance had on its listeners.

This invigorating return to live performances indicates that those interested in the Karma Coast show can expect a stupendous, awe-inspiring set with non-stop authentic creativity from all aspects; leaving listeners with a dire thirst for more even after the show ends.


📍 KARMA COAST, Tynemouth

📅 SAT, AUG 21, 2021