• Taylor Clark

ALBERT SMITH – A Good Routine

Albert Smith’s ‘A Good Routine’ is a promising glimpse of things to come.

With dream pop group ‘Headclouds’ seemingly defunct, the group’s primary songwriter, Steven Gordon now embarks on a solo career under the name ‘Albert Smith’. August 16th saw the release of his debut single, ‘A Good Routine’, which is only the first of a string of releases planned for 2021. ‘The sky is the limit for me and you’ sings Smith, detailing an aging couple’s discussions about ‘a good routine’ that will help them achieve their planned yet unattainable perfect life. While this topic tinges the song with sadness, the upbeat instrumental balances this out with a sense of optimism, as if representing the hope possessed by the couple.

While Smith plays every instrument on ‘A Good Routine’, it is his guitar work that stands out the most. The guitar accompanying his double tracked vocals is understated, making the guitar riff that enters the mix at the halfway point much more memorable and effective.

‘A Good Routine’ is a positive start from Albert Smith, and with a style that ‘freewheels between low fi styled chamber folk, wonky pop to jazz tinged indie and back again’, the rest of his upcoming releases in 2021 are sure to be just as memorable.